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High School Schedule Focus Group Information

MCCSC is continuing to advance our work in creating a common high school schedule. Today, we hope to reiterate past communication related to this effort and provide an update as to the expected timeline by which student, teacher, and community input will be received prior to the design of a new schedule. As previously stated, NO new common schedule has been created at this point. 


During upcoming focus groups, data will be shared that highlights the equity concerns that have resulted in a goal of creating a common schedule. The following general timeline has been created for engagement: 

  • Student Focus Groups begin the week of October 9. 

  • Teacher Focus Groups begin the week of October 16. 

  • Family & Community Focus Groups begin the week of November 6. 


MCCSC is working with one of its current partners, the INsite Consortium at the Indiana University School of Education (, to conduct student, teacher, and community focus groups. These focus groups will be an opportunity for studentsteachers, families, and community members to review pertinent information from student surveys and to provide their input related to aligning high school schedules 


MCCSC is creating student focus groups that include a representative sampling of students from diverse backgrounds and experiences from all four high schools. Students will be invited to participate by the end of this week. Of course, participation is not mandatory. Additionally, MCCSC will be coordinating teacher participation next week. 


Sign-ups for participation in a family & community focus group will be available from October 9 through October 20. The sign-up link will be posted to our website, social media, and ParentSquare starting October 9. (Students, teachers, and all community members also may elect to participate in one of these groups.) 

A follow-up reminder email will be sent October 9.  


Finally, we wanted to share with you a discussion template from students at Bloomington High School NorthStudents hosted a discussion with more than 100 peers and used this student-created presentation to guide their conversation. You may view their slides here 


For any immediate questions, please email your high school principal. 

Thank you, MCCSC Administration